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Piano tuning demands an expert with experience!

Piano tuning is not a simple task as many try to make it sound. Piano tuning is really more of an art form, and not just a magical thing some guy does with a smart phone app. Today, we spend a lot of time looking for the quickest, fastest, cheapest solution to problems, to only find out later that it will cost twice as much to fix the damage that a dull extra moment could have prevented. The same is valid with tuning.

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String Tension on Green Bay

String Tension

Pulling strings.

Quality tuning involves pulling strings on a piano. Roughly, 200 and then some. The strings have tension on them, quite a bit. Piano strings also push down on the pianos bridge and soundboard to a degree. Strings have upwards of 150 pounds of tension on each of them.

Piano wire moves like a rubber band

Your piano needs equilibrium.

When your piano is drifting out of tune, it is due to movement. Hundreds of strings with hundreds of pounds of tension is a lot of weight. Piano strings are like super-strong rubber bands. They get stretched when you tune the piano. These strings like to pull back too. Equilibrium is the goal. Strings on the piano get tuned to A440 – an international standard established to give a reference across the globe.

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Piano Tuning should be done every 6 months.

Strings should be tuned.

A piano tuning involves adjusting the pitch of your piano to A440, and all the other strings should be optimized and appropriately adjusted. Tuning adds the right amount of tension to the piano strings — other parts in the piano benefit from proper adjustment by Fifth Octave, LLC. Keeping everything equal, correct, and consistent is amazingly essential. The Fifth Octave can inspect your piano. Waiting too long between tunings can cause dramatic changes and damage to the instrument. I recommend tuning intervals of no more than six months in Wisconsin. Regularly tuning your piano ensures that we can optimize tuning within the climate we have here.

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