September 2019

Exceptional Piano Technician


The Fifth Octave is the most exceptional piano tuning company in Northeastern Wisconsin and Jason Davies the piano tuner ensures beautiful results without compromise. Uncompromised Results with your piano The difference between just a good tuning as it is far too often referred to and that of an [...]

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April 2019

Not Just A Broken Key


At Fifth Octave, we know that every piano restoration job is uniquely different and comes with its own challenges as well as solutions. When you sit down at a piano, it may be easy to see some external signs of wear. Some of the most common ones include: Broken or chipped keys Keys that don't [...]

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Three Challenges with Overall Piano Restoration


At Fifth Octave, we enjoy helping our customers in the Green Bay, Wisconsin region to restore the grandeur and functionality of their pianos. We have the tools, the know-how, and the resources to really get your piano back to a fully functional and great-looking part of your property! A piano is in many ways a [...]

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The Piano – A Depreciating Asset?


We’re busy people these days, and too many of us find we just don’t know what to do with an old piano. A piano is a big value in a home and great to have around when it's new – but it depreciates over time. In fact, you can count on it. Pianos start out [...]

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March 2019

More Than Just Piano Tuning


As a top piano tuner and piano repair firm in the Green Bay, WI area, Fifth Octave has a great reputation among our local client base. But not everybody understands the range of services that are available. Fifth Octave doesn't just tune pianos. Although that's a major part of what we do, we're also involved [...]

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