The Fifth Octave is the most exceptional piano tuning company in Northeastern Wisconsin and Jason Davies the piano tuner ensures beautiful results without compromise.

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Uncompromised Results with your piano

The difference between just a good tuning as it is far too often referred to and that of an exceptional tuning is an experience every piano owner should have the opportunity to experience uncompromised. Pianos are similar to vintage wines, classic sports cars, and handmade furniture. Technician quality is essential when selecting someone to take care of your beautiful instrument.

Tuner vs. Technician

The difference between a tuner and a technician and a concert level technician is gigantic.  Tuners tune pianos, they don’t have experience in working under pressure, making things flawless for fussy artists, or the knowledge to resolve complicated piano issues.

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You don’t want just a good tuning

Piano tuners work for far less money and focus on a single thing piano tuning, they are often not members of professional organizations such as the piano technicians guild. You want the absolute out of your piano, it’s time to hire a technician in the Northeastern Wisconsin area. Fifth Octave, LLC is a technician, rebuilder, tuner, and piano expert all in one.

Fifth Octave Piano Services of Northeast Wisconsin

Fifth Octave, LLC has done piano tuning and service work on Steinway Concert Grands, Bosendorfer concert instruments, and Baldwin Concert grands. It is not our intention to boastfully speak about our resume, our experience in performance venues, piano rebuilding, museums, and exceptional instruments enables us to set our standards quite high. We are the standard by which others are judged.

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