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More Than Just Piano Tuning

More Than Just Piano Tuning

As a top piano tuner and piano repair firm in the Green Bay, WI area, Fifth Octave has a great reputation among our local client base. But not everybody understands the range of services that are available.

Fifth Octave doesn’t just tune pianos.

Although that’s a major part of what we do, we’re also involved in working with the body of a piano to make it look good and last a long time. We even work on performance and rehearsal spaces and making enhancing residential and commercial spaces to add to the value and use that you get out of your piano room or other area of your home or property.

Rebuilding Pianos

Our customers often rely on us to fix a piano in more ways than one, working on both the technical apparatus, and the wooden frame or other fixtures of the instrument. With our suite of custom woodcrafting services, we can also the area where they enjoy playing, or repair or enhance accessories like benches or other wooden installations.

Acoustical Services

Some of the results that you get from a piano have to do with the acoustics in your space. Fifth Octave can provide in-depth consultation on sound absorption and acoustical hardware, including:

Setting up a space the right way will optimize how your piano sounds, and can help to get more use out of a multi-use building. We can assess how well you are positioned to use a piano and other instruments and help consult on how to improve the layout of a space.

Piano Woodworking and Finishing

At Fifth Octave, we also have the ability to provide custom woodworking services that can rebuild a piano and refinish a wooden surface that’s looking weary or worn.

With custom paints and lacquers and other finishes, we can help to restore old pianos to their original glory, and give your piano more value. We can also replace broken or worn wooden pieces by creating custom designs in our wood shop.

So you see – we do a lot more than just tuning pianos! It keeps us busy, but it makes sense. Because of our expertise in both music and construction, we are able to become a trusted contractor for our clients. All of this combines to offer our customers comprehensive makeovers, not just for the instruments, but for the rooms and spaces that they are used in. By pursuing broader improvements to your property, you’re also enhancing what you get out of your investment in a piano and other instrumentation and sound gear. Whether it’s a home studio or a business space, Fifth Octave can help. Ask us about all of the auxiliary services we provide to help our customers get the experience they want in their pursuit of making beautiful music.

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