Do you have Major or Minor piano Issues?

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Pianos are more than just an instrument, they are the root of your personal expression. Your heart, soul, and body work together tirelessly, to produce music that is beautiful, elegant, and enchanting. Nothing can wreck the experience more than subtle change.

A good piano can retain a nice and charming relative sound for quite awhile, but over time, slow changes can occur in string tension, lack of repair, and this leads to a drop ensuring the piano will no longer be at the right pitch.  Much like sands through the hour glass, it starts out very slowly, with one small grain, but over the course of time, the entire hour glass can fill up with sand.  We recommend checking string tension periodically to ensure it is set properly. Pianos that sit too long without proper care can cause serious devaluation in a lot of cases.

Also, fixing broken keys, notes that won’t play, and strings that are missing is something I will help you get resolved.  Tired of the color of your piano? Our team can refinish it in our shop as well.

Can you help tune my piano in Green Bay?

Absolutely! I’ll help pull strings to make tuning happen! In fact, Green Bay, WI or anywhere in the surrounding area, you don’t have to go to a piano store to find a good technician. Fifth Octave, LLC technician Jason Davies is an associate member of the Piano Technicians guild.  That means, I attend regular continuing education with fellow technicians to keep my skills sharp!

The pursuit of “just right”

Jason Davies, owner and manager of Fifth Octave, LLC is not only a piano technician offering repair services and piano tuning, but Jason is also a pianist who can service your piano.   With over thirty years of piano performance experience in piano playing –his unique ability to read people sets him apart.  Don’t simply trust your instrument to chance, allow yourself to meet someone who understands. Please contact me for references.

Relationship  matters

Let me help you reach deeper understanding of your instrument, and achieve the impossible. Reach Jason Davies at 920-884-1195.

Client Reviews

“The service 5th Octave LLC provided the Neville Public Museum and its Mason & Hamlin Professional Grand piano continues to be excellent. This wasn’t just a job for them, it is a passion. Passion and dedication for bringing pianos back to the shape and sound they were intending to be in. They are so wonderful to work with our schedule to not interfere with other commitments.
5th Octave LLC has always been professional and answered all my questions and made sure I was comfortable with any of the work they planned to implement with the tuning of the piano. Once they took over tuning our piano, our piano teachers and their students have been so impressed with the quality of the sound during their performances. And we have seen a direct increase in reservations for more piano recitals.
If anyone we know wants to have their piano tuned I will always recommend 5th Octave LLC, I will always put my trust in 5th Octave LLC, because I know it is outstanding service and they truly care about the art of the piano and the beauty and joy it can bring to others when it is played and sounds beautifully tuned. The Neville definitely believes 5th Octave LLC is the best in their field in the area. Thank you for all that you do for the Neville Public Museum.”

Neville Public Museum