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The Fifth Octave, LLC is piano consultant and technician that provides piano services in Green Bay and Door County, Wisconsin. Our specific focus area concerns the piano. The piano tuner and piano services desire better.

Piano Tuning – Green Bay


piano tuning

Piano Tuner

  • Concert tuning

  • Fine tuning
  • Pitch raising
  • Hammer Voicing
  • Complete action regulation

  • Touch adjustments

  • Grand and upright
  • Replacement Parts

Piano Tuning Green Bay 1

Piano Restoration

  • Action Replacement

  • Keytop replacement

  • Key Bushings

  • Custom keyboards

Piano Tuning Green Bay 2

Piano Sales

  • New piano sales

  • Restored piano sales

wooden chair with new leather covering the seat

Furniture Refinishing

  • Paint stripping

  • Color changes

  • Flipping furniture

Piano Tuning Green Bay 3

Acoustical Room Treatments

  • Sound absorption for institutions and college practice rooms
  • Office sound absorption
  • Acoustical fabrics and treatments
  • Acoustical window curtains
  • Custom acoustical curtain manufacturing
Piano Tuning Green Bay 4

Staining and Painting

  • Lacquer finishes
  • Water based finishes
  • Staining and varnishing
  • Polyurethane and Aklyd finishes
Piano Tuning Green Bay 5

Custom wood working

  • 13” planning capacity
  • 22” re-saw capacity
  • Custom cut bulk lumber
  • Planning and jointing
  • Custom built pieces
  • Custom molding and milling capabilities
  • Short run crown molding
  • Custom veneer pieces
  • Raised panel, cabinet, and drawers

We also specialize in

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  • Piano Finish Repair

  • Piano Tuning

  • Replacing Broken Strings

  • Pitch adjustments

  • Improving tone

  • Piano Parts

  • Make pianos more enjoyable

  • Polyester Repair

  • Repairing broken keys

  • Professional Piano Painting

  • Sticking Key Repairs